Sustainable Holiday Shopping

Sustainable Holiday Shopping

Black Friday kicks off the season of holiday shopping and with that just around the corner I rounded up some ideas for you to make Christmas a more sustainable experience for the earth and your wallet.

Less waste, same holiday cheer

Shopping sustainably will save you money, time and waste. Big items are already assembled saving you the time of putting them together and the waste of the packaging they would come in. 

If you have kids this teaches them to shop smartly and sustainably over consumerism. A fun way to get them involved is to have them decorate paper bags for wrapping paper or select comics from papers to wrap items in. 

Shop small and support the economy.

Shopping small and local business directly supports your local economy. These business provide jobs and opportunities and put money directly back into your community. A great way to make this easier is to plan ahead who you are shopping for and check these businesses before you purchase from a big company. Many now offer shipping or free local pickup if you prefer to do your shopping online. This will also be a more low key shopping experience than the rush of a big store over the holiday season. 


Where to shop sustainably for the holidays :

Shop your local farmers market. Bonus the food is usually more fresh and you support a family from your community. Also the farmers market experience is a fun one. 

Shop your local small business. Your local boutiques are a great place to find unique gifts. They are also a great place to purchase gift certificates or cards if your prefer who you are shopping for the experience the local shopping for themselves. 

Shop online marketplaces. Most of the shops and boutiques online are small and locally owned. If you prefer to do your shopping online you can still shop small. 

Craft fairs are a great place to find handmade gifts and decorations for your family. They also support the local economy and artisans directly. You also may stumble across the perfect gift you didn't know you needed for someone. 

Sustainable gift ideas for the holidays : 

Plants and flowers make a great gift for that person in your life with a green thumb. They are something that can be enjoyed for a long time. 

Homemade treats are a great idea for any holiday parties you are invited too. Not one to make them yourself? Your local small bakeries and farmers markets have so many delicious options. 

Gift a service instead of a gift to open. This can be a spa day, a vehicle upgrade, a concert, a dinner, a subscription, or a fun experience. Keep in mind who you are purchasing for and what they would enjoy. Most of these purchases can be made directly online so you do not even need to leave the comfort of your couch. Put the details in a card to give them something physical to open. 

Shop resale for better brands. This is a great way to give someone big ticket items without a big ticket price and discover unique and hard to find items. Be sure to purchase from reputable resellers when dealing with designer items to ensure you get the real deal. 

Recycled glass is not only fun but earth friendly. You can find so many fun and unique pieces and this gift will keep on giving throughout the year as they use the item. 


What are some of your favorite ways to shop sustainably over the holidays? Leave a comment, I would love to hear. 

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