Save or splurge?

Save or splurge?

Save Vs. Splurge


Wondering what items are worth your splurge and which ones you should save on? 

I rounded up a few suggestions to use as a guideline as to when to splurge and when to save to look like a million without spending it.

A splurge should never be a reckless impulse purchase that leaves you financially regretting your decision. I encourage you to think about a splurge beforehand. Buy fewer things of higher quality that fit your style as you can afford them. Your personal style tends to change over time as it is so take your time building your dream wardrobe. A great piece is an investment so always make sure to care for it properly after your purchase. 

The same goes for an item you save on. Just because you like the price tag doesn't mean you should buy it. Anything you bring into your wardrobe should reflect your style and work with what you have. A wardrobe full of pieces you bought because you like the price and not the item is going to leave you feeling chaotic and create visual stress. Plus it's money that could have went towards a piece you loved. 

When to splurge :

* Splurge one neutral colors.  EG black, gray, white, brown, cream, tan, navy

* Splurge on basic pieces.  These pieces will form the basics of many outfits. EG well made dresses, pants, and tops that flatter you. 

* Splurge on well made shoes and boots. The classics that you will wear year in and out are worth the splurge as you spend alot of time in them.


*Splurge on quality bags. A classic bag is going to last you for years when treated right. While it is a splurge read on for tips to also save on it.

When to save :

* Save on quality handbags. We all love a good designer bag but not that price tag so much. While this is a splurge you can also save on it by shopping resale. Some things to look for when purchasing a designer bag resell is a reputable seller. You do not want to end up not getting what you think you paid for. When in doubt there are authentication companies that can guarantee you are getting the real deal for $20. My personal favorite is Authenticate First. Be sure the seller has many clear pictures of the condition of the bag so there are no surprises. 

* Save on trends. Trends are fun but they come and go quickly. EG trendy jeans, pieces in the seasons colors

*Save on bright colors or bold patterns. We tend to tire of them quickly

* Save on casual trendy footwear. 

Its easy to dress with style when you have an unlimited budget but most of us have limited funds when it comes to fashion.  The trick is to invest in quality pieces that will last you a long time and occasionally indulge in less expensive trendy items. 

I would love to hear any additional tips you may have! 




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