How Our Consignment Works And What We Sell

How Our Consignment Works And What We Sell

New to consignment or to our store? Here is a brief guideline of what to expect!

No appointment necessary! You may walk in with your items anytime we are open! We will go through up to 50 items while you wait and give you back what we do not take, up to an hour before we close. Anything over 50 items or within less than an hour before closing must be left for us to put out at our earliest convenience and we will then donate what we cannot sell. 

We take items for the current season we are in or heading into. 

January - March : Spring (Capri's, Pastel Colors, Open Toed Shoes, Light Weight Clothing, Short Sleeves)

April - June : Summer (Sleeveless, Sundress, NWT Swimwear, Sandals, Shorts)

July - September : Fall (Boots, Long Sleeves, Darker Colors, Mid Weight Clothing, Light Jackets)

October - December : Winter (Hats, Winter Boots, Coats, Heavy Sweaters)

 When you bring items to consign with us we will select what our customers are looking for. Please understand that sometimes there will be items that we cannot consign. Our customers preferences must be our selection guidelines. We base our prices on supply and demand but will work to get the best possible price for you! Trust us we want to sell for you so if we can not take your item there is a good reason. Some of our best selling brands are Coach, Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke, Free People, Sorel, Vineyard Vines, Kate Spade, American Eagle, Lululemon, Madewell, Pink, & Loft. 

Consignment splits are as follows :

$0 - $49 : 40% to consignor, 60% to store

$50 and above 50/50 split.  An account is created for you and all items accepted for consignment are itemized in it. Your balance will build as your items sell.

You may call or stop in to check your balance at any time. Store credit may be used at any time. Balances under $25 may be cashed out at any time. Balances $26 and over may be requested at any time and we will prepare it for you at our earliest convenience. 

 We will display your items for 60 days unless it is priced over $50 which is then displayed for 120 days. After this time the item(s) become the property of the store and/or donated. We may reduce initial prices at any time for any reason. Advanced notice will not be given. Items may be automatically donated for any stains, rips, tear, odors or found to be a replica during the intake process, or any time on the floor without notification.

All designer items sold in our store MUST be authentic. We will authenticate each piece before it hits the sales floor.  Consignors who attempt to sell counterfeit items will be charged a $25 authentication fee. 

We consider it an honor to work with you and we will do our best to get you the best price for your items! 

If you have any other questions please drop a comment below and let us know!


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How can I set up my account? I am unable to find that information on your website.
Thank you!

Janice L Kaufman

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