Holiday Gift Inspiration Inside

Holiday Gift Inspiration Inside

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a nice and relaxing day with family.

Is anyone else in shock that the holidays are here already?

Thanksgiving feels like it swings right into Christmas season and that means checking off your gift list. Sometimes I feel like I am lacking some serious inspiration there. I want to give a meaningful gift that someone will enjoy but also not break the bank. 

I rounded up some ideas for you to hopefully inspire you if needed. 

Of course I couldn't put a product out there for your that I hadn't tested. I love these soaps but my favorite by far is the Clementine Jelly.

  • The whipped bath soap is so silky and works so so good for shaving as well as a soap, It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without any residue. The smell is light and fresh. A tiny little of this goes a very long way.
  • The sugar scrub smells soo good and my skin loves it. I like to use it on my really dry areas like my legs and it makes a tremendous difference. The scrub part could last a little longer but then it turns into this amazing silky hydrating wash.
  • I could rave about this jelly but I will keep it short. This smells SO SO good. You literally just need the smallest amount and it lathers so well. The jelly is pretty cool too, after each use it reshapes itself. This always leaves me feeling clean and smelling good and my skin really likes it. 


    You cant go wrong with a cute piece of jewelry like these courage and intertwined hearts necklaces. They are the perfect gift guaranteed to fit and I love how meaningful they are. 

    I love the convenience and cuteness of hair clips, plus they are guaranteed to fit everyone. We have a selection of these in stock including some fun fuzzy ones!

    These keychains have been a huge hit! They are selling out fast, I love the motivational sayings on these making them a meaningful gift to give to someone.

    Hopefully this helps you out a bit! I linked the products to the picture so all you have to do is click.

    Is your favorite gift giving or receiving? Let me know in the comments. 


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