How Does Our Fill A Bag Sale Work?

How Does Our Fill A Bag Sale Work?

You all asked and we listened! We are so excited to have our first end of summer fill a bag sale. We typically have one in April and Black Friday of every year but they are so much fun so why not add another one?


How it works?

We supply the bag all you need to do is fill it! We have a special selection of items for the sale. We supply you with a grocery sized paper bag and anything you can fit into it from our fill a bag section is yours for $15! I think the record one of our customers holds right now is 33 items. 

The sale does not include the entire store but we do have a large selection for the fill a bag sale. We also have an end of summer 60% off sale going. 

What is a VIP entrance?

We have had such a huge response to Saturday we decided to release a few VIP tickets to enter and shop an hour early. For $10 you will gain an hour early entrance. Your code will be good for one year and will gain you early entrance to all the special sales we hold in that following calendar year.  Click the link in the picture above to purchase yours! 

What better time to start your back to school or fall wardrobe shopping? We cant wait to see you all!

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