14 Fashion Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

14 Fashion Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

You know that moment when you are running behind and you notice a stain or that what you were planning to wear is wrinkled? I feel like rushing from one thing to the next makes up the most of my time these days so I rounded up 14 tips I use to save time while still trying to look like I keep it together. All of these items you should already have or can purchase for a very minimal amount. 

Where have these been my whole life?! I recently discovered these when there were no tide pens to be found and in my opinion they are far superior! Anything from that coffee spill to a foundation smudge they work really well on most fabrics. These are a must have for me. 

That favorite sweater looking a little shaggier than it used to? If you don't have a fabric shaver you can use a razor you have on hand. Gently shave the pills. Just be careful not to go to hard or you will cut a hole in the sweater. 

You know when you are feeling your outfit and you accidentally get deodorant stains on it? No worries, just grab a dryer sheet and wipe them off. Bonus it smells good too. The dryer sheet can also double as an impromptu lint roller if you don't have access to one. Just make it slightly damp.

Make sure you sit down when trying on new clothing you plan to purchase. They fit differently from standing to sitting and I think we have all been there where we can hardly stand the pants buttoned when we sit.

You can work this to your advantage if you want to look shorter or wear a more monochromatic look to appear taller.


Adjust your jeans to tighten them by looping a hair tie around the button and through a belt loop and fold back over the button. Or if you need to make them looser loop it around the button, through the button hole, and back over the button. Just make sure your shirt is long enough to cover this. 

Do you have a piece of clothing just sitting in your closet that you don't know how to style? Say its a white button down search pinterest for white button down shirt outfits for some inspiration to get use out of items you already own.

Run in your stockings? Put clear nail polish over it to stop it from getting worse. 

A quick way to refresh your clothing and get wrinkles out is to spray them with a bottle of water with a splash of fabric softener. This doubles by making them smell fresh and getting wrinkles out in a hurry. 

These erasers truly are magic. I use so many of these. They are great for keeping white sneakers looking fresh and for the white part around the bottom of the shoes.

I think we have all had a moment where we got stuck in a zipper. No need to panic. Use a bar of soap and rub it on it to unstick the zipper. 

If you need to dewrinkle your clothing in a hurry throw it in the dryer with a few ice cubes! The ice and heat creates steam. Toss it in while you do your hair and makeup and your clothing can come out fresh looking and ready to go. 

I cannot stress this enough! It will make getting dressed so much easier and you will know what clothing you actually own. If you have styles you don't wear anymore sort them out by what you can consign and what needs to be repurposed. 

While its always a cute look to have a monochromatic outfit including your purse that's not necessary to look pulled together. Match your purse to your belt or shoes for a polished look. 


Hopefully a few  of these tips help you out! What are your favorite fashion hacks? I would love to hear. Drop a comment below.



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