What to wear when you don't know what to wear.

What to wear when you don't know what to wear.

When you are faced with the problem of I have nothing to wear chances are that you actually do have good stuff to wear. Here are a few things to consider to help eliminate this feeling when getting dressed.

Are you facing a creative block?

Is your closet cluttered?

Do you have to many pieces of clothing that isn't your style?

Are you comparing your closet to someone else? Comparison is the greatest thief of joy.

Is your closet diverse enough and do you have enough basic pieces?

Does your clothing fit you? 

Now that we have figured out if its a closet problem and how to solve them here are a few easy and versatile outfit ideas to keep in mind when getting ready from your closet or shopping for one you love. 

1)Don't overlook a basic tee and pair of jeans.  Layer a basic tee and jeans with any cool jacket or add a belt and be amazed how the look changes instantly. Even just changing your basic jeans for black and swapping out shoes can instantly change the look. 

2) A chambray shirt with black or colored jeans. Play around with accessories like a belt or necklace to change up the look even more. 

3.) Your favorite oversized sweater or tee. You can change the look of these with so many simple tweaks. If its oversized tuck the front of it into the bottom of your bra for a more cropped look and be amazed at how it changes the whole look of the sweater. 

4.) Playing with layers it what will make your outfit unique and interesting. Combine textures, shades, prints and different shapes. Layer a flannel under a sweater. Put a blouse under your dress. Add a denim jacket to your summer dress. Wear a chunky cardigan over a crop top or wear a cardigan as a top. Button all but the bottom three buttons and then switch the button holes on the bottom two for a cute cropped look. 

5.) Skirt and a t shirt. You can dress this up or down and get away with a  more bold skirt by pairing it with a basic tee. Pair it with heels and layer a jacket for a night out look or pair it with your favorite pair of flats or sneakers for a daytime look. 

6.) Belts! Tuck your shirt in or wear a bodysuit with your favorite pair of jeans. Belt a blazer or a dress at the waist for an instantly different look. 

Which is your favorite tip? Do you have anything  you would add to the list? Comment below I would love to hear. 



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