Clothing Consignment Schedule

Clothing Consignment Schedule

A frequently asked question that we get is what season are we currently taking and what are we taking for that season. I made a checklist for you to look at to try to make your end of sorting items easier for you! 

Spring : January - March

Capri's, Jeans, Open toed shoes, Short sleeves, Light weight long sleeves, Sweatshirts, Light Jackets

Summer : April - June

Sleeveless, Sundresses, Sandals, Shorts, NWT Swimwear, 

Fall : July - September

Boots, Long sleeves, Mid weight sweaters, Light Jackets, Jeans

Winter : October - December

Snow boots and gear, Heavy Sweaters, Winter coats

Some of our top items we are looking for is Lululemon, Anthropologie, Free People, Lily Pulitzer and designer shoes, bags, and accessories. We accept these items year round. 

Hopefully this helps you out a bit! I hope you are all having a wonderful week! 




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We have some formal dresses even one with tags attached. Do you take them any time? How do drop them off

Sharon Binkley

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